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About Us

About Us

www.tvpolonia.com is a web site authorized by Telewizja Polska SA in Warsaw to redistribute TVPOLONIA programming on the internet.

Our service is great for people on the go.

  • Only $6.99/monthly
  • All programs are available as Video on-demand format, which means, that you watch what you like and when you like, its all in your control. You don't have to worry that you will miss a show or an episode, just because you had to work late. All programs are available for at least 24 hours.
  • If you travel, you can use your laptop and have access to your TV anywhere you like. (You only need internet access)
  • If you have internet access at you office, you can access your programs at home or at your office (need prior approval contact our staff after you order a subscription)

We have begun our internet services in June 2000 and since then we have continuously expanded, grown and broadened our services. We are constantly keeping up with the newest technology and try to have it available for our customers soon after they become widely used in the internet. Our servers are monitored 24hrs a day and are very secure. As the demand grows we are also adding additional bandwidth to support the needs that bring new customers.

We are official partner of TVP in Warsaw.

Watch us online for only $6.99/month

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We offer a great selection of current news and information programs, sitcoms, series, movies, programs for children, entertainment programs, and much much more...

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