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Satellite Programming schedule

Above programming schedule applies to satellite and cable (where available) LIVE broadcasts. Click on the name of the program to see the schedule. Please note! These schedules are provided by the TVP S.A. in Warsaw, we only provide links to them, therefore we have no control over their content or design.

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Internet Schedule (subscription only $6.99 USD a month)

In the internet version of tvpolonia, you will find the best programs from from each day, available in Video on Demand format

News programs
Public and jurnalistic programs
Variety programs
Religous programs and Holy Mass
Programs for children, cartoons
Entertainment programs, concerts, etc.
Game shows and Talk shows
Telenowele, Seriale, Filmy, Teatr telewizji
Soap Operas, Movie series and movies

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* Please note! Due to the fact that we are greatly dependable on the satellite transmission and internect connection, because they might become unavailble at times, we do not provide exact times as to when each program should be updated. Usually it is done at simmilar times everyday, but from time to time some programs might be late due to bad satellite or internet connection. These are the things that we cannot control and therefore cannot take the responsibility for. Always check the "Latest news" section to be notified if programs become late.

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