Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Condition of use of the service
Ordering subscription of, account is allowed to be accesed from one internet access location. If you have a computer network, you may use each computer, provided that all computers are connected and use the same internet access point (same external IP).

If you want to login from different places, e.g., office, you shall contact in order to advice us about such need, and receive authorization to login from different places. All logins are monitored and automatically controlled by our system. In the event of unauthorized login, in order to protect our database (in case of use by the third parties) the subscription is automatically suspended, until contact is established with the user to resolve such unauthorized login.

If you are using a laptop and want to login from the different places during the trip, please make sure that you have cookies enabled. This way, user is recognized by the cookies and addresses from which login will take place will not be considered. If you require more information, please contact

Cookies are the information, which server writes onto the computer’s disc, based on which it will be able to recognize you during the new connection. We recognize our users to verify them, what allows them to move freely on our pages without the need to enter “the user name and “password”. In addition, it allows us to analyze which information are the most popular among the users, which in turn allows us to tailor our service to our users interest and expectations. Our users alone create our web page and service of Cookies are set when you enter and leave the service. In no way are they harmful to your computer, never the less, there is always an option to turn them off in each and every browser. You should keep in mind, that using profiled service of you have an input on how the service looks and what content is offered. Having cookies disabled using some services will not be possible.

Unwanted content
Our service does not contain content conflicting with Polish or international law. In catalogue you will not find content urging racial, religious or ethnic hate or discrimination. There is also no pornography, content morally questionable and commonly known as unethical.

Users registration and accounts
All personal data provided on application during the registration for are encrypted. We use 128 encryption technology on the secure server.


Trying to provide the most convenient and the safest way of payment, we are continuously introducing new alternatives.

Paying by credit card via internet you are obtaining the safety guaranteed by and systems, leaders among the electronic payment systems providers on the internet in real time. After connecting with authorization page, user (card owner) enters data (among them card number, date of expiry) necessary for authorization. Providing the data regarding the card’s owner utilizes SSL protocol utilizing full 128 bit encryption. Authorization processed by, is based on computer system contacting the bank, which issued the card, in order to receive the reply if particular payment may be processed.

All transactions are in compliance and under strict Panamanian financial laws.

By ordering the subscription of trough autopay system you wave the right to any credit or refund (charge back) for the reason including but not limited to poor transmission quality, temporary lack of service, interruptions of service or other known or unknown occurrences during any chosen billing cycle. If you are dissatisfied with the service for any reason whatsoever, the ONLY remedy shall be to unsubscribe (cancel) the service and discontinue the subscription beginning from the subsequent billing cycle.

Good advice
Please remember: Sharing one computer with other users, after finishing each session with to which login is required – you need to log out, meaning to exit your setup, so no one may see the login info. Data used at registration is known ONLY to the User and We guarantee that we will not share your data with anybody. We ask you to keep the same “vengeance” in exposing your data to the third parties.

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