Programs TVPOLONIA, TELE5, RADIO 1 and 3

In Canada TVPOLONIA program is available
on Bell ExpressVu, Rogers Cable, Cogeco, Telus and Shaw Cable

TVPOLONIA availability in USA

ATT-SBC Atlanta Area
ATT-SBC Austin Area
ATT-SBC Chicago IL Area
ATT-SBC Cleveland Area
ATT-SBC Columbus OH Area
ATT-SBC Dallas Area (att)
ATT-SBC Dayton OH Area
ATT-SBC Detroit Area
ATT-SBC El Paso Area
ATT-SBC Fresno-Visalia Area
ATT-SBC Grand Rapids MI Area
ATT-SBC Green Bay Area
ATT-SBC Hartford-New Haven Area
ATT-SBC Houston Area
ATT-SBC Indianapolis Area
ATT-SBC Jacksonville Area
ATT-SBC Kansas City Area
ATT-SBC Lansing Area
ATT-SBC Los Angeles Area
ATT-SBC Madison Area
ATT-SBC Miami Area
ATT-SBC Milwaukee Area
ATT-SBC Nashville Area
ATT-SBC New York Area
ATT-SBC Oklahoma City Area
ATT-SBC Orlando Area
ATT-SBC Reno Area
ATT-SBC Sacramento Area
ATT-SBC San Antonio Area
ATT-SBC San Diego Area
ATT-SBC San Francisco Area
ATT-SBC St Louis Area
ATT-SBC Tulsa Area
ATT-SBC West Palm Beach Area
ATT-SBC Wichita-Hutchinson Area
ATT-SBC Atlanta Area Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC Austin Area Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC Chicago IL Area Packaged
ATT-SBC Cleveland Area Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC Columbus OH Area Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC Dallas Area (att) Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC Dayton OH Area Packaged
ATT-SBC Detroit Area Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC El Paso Area Packaged
ATT-SBC Flint-Saginaw-Bay City Area Packaged
ATT-SBC Fresno-Visalia Area Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC Grand Rapids MI Area Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC Green Bay Area Packaged
ATT-SBC Hartford-New Haven Area Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC Houston Area Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC Indianapolis Area Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC Jacksonville Area Packaged
ATT-SBC Kansas City Area Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC Los Angeles Area Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC Miami Area Packaged
ATT-SBC Milwaukee Area Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC New York Area Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC Oklahoma City Area Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC Raleigh-Durham Area Packaged
ATT-SBC Reno Area Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC Sacramento Area Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC San Antonio Area Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC San Diego Area Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC San Francisco Area Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC South Bend-Elkhart Area Packaged
ATT-SBC St Louis Area Packaged (2)
ATT-SBC West Palm Beach Area Packaged
ATT-SBC Wichita-Hutchinson Area Packaged
Cablevision Allamuchy NJ
Cablevision Bayonne NJ
Cablevision Bergen, NJ
Cablevision Bridgeport CT
Cablevision Bridgeport CT Commercial
Cablevision Brookhaven, NY
Cablevision Cross River CT
Cablevision Dutchess NY
Cablevision Dutchess NY Commercial
Cablevision East Hampton (5)
Cablevision Elizabeth, NJ
Cablevision Hamilton NJ
Cablevision Hudson
Cablevision Litchfield CT
Cablevision Long Island
Cablevision Long Island Commercial
Cablevision Lynbrook
Cablevision Monmouth NJ
Cablevision Morris/Allamuchy NJ
Cablevision Morris/Allamuchy NJ Commercial
Cablevision New York City (1)
Cablevision New York City Commercial
Cablevision Newark (2)
Cablevision Newark Commercial
Cablevision Norwalk, CT Commercial
Cablevision Norwalk, CT
Cablevision Oakland, NJ
Cablevision Oakland, NJ Commercial
Cablevision Ossining NY
Cablevision Paterson NJ
Cablevision Port Chester
Cablevision Port Jervis NY
Cablevision Ramapo
Cablevision Raritan (Edison)
Cablevision Riverhead
Cablevision Riverhead Commercial
Cablevision Rockland
Cablevision Rockland Commercial
Cablevision So. Westchester NY
Cablevision VTV Long Island
Cablevision VTV Long Island Commercial
Cablevision Wappinger Falls NY
Cablevision Warwick NY
Cablevision Westchester
Cablevision Westchester Commercial
Cablevision Yorktown NY
Cablevision Yorktown NY Commercial
Comcast - ATT BRANFORD [R]
Comcast - ATT Chicago (4)
Comcast - ATT Chicago Area 2 (Packaged)
Comcast - ATT Hartford CT
Comcast - ATT Carmel, NY
Comcast Classic Meadowlands
Comcast Classic Union
Comcast Classic Connecticut CT Areas
Cox Parma
Cox Broadview
Cox Lakewood Residential
Cox Parma Residential
RCN Chicago (Area 1) (1)
RCN Chicago-Skokie
Verizon Services Corp Baltimore DMA Area
Verizon Services Corp Boston DMA Area
Verizon Services Corp Buffalo Area
Verizon Services Corp Dallas DMA Area
Verizon Services Corp Freehold DMA Area
Verizon Services Corp FT Wayne Area
Verizon Services Corp Harrisburg Area
Verizon Services Corp Los Angeles DMA Area
Verizon Services Corp Mercer
Verizon Services Corp New Castle PA Area
Verizon Services Corp New York DMA Area
Verizon Services Corp Norfolk Area
Verizon Services Corp Philadelphia DMA Area
Verizon Services Corp Pittsburgh Area
Verizon Services Corp Portland OR Area
Verizon Services Corp Rhode Island-Boston
Verizon Services Corp Richmond Area
Verizon Services Corp Salisbury Area
Verizon Services Corp Seattle Area
Verizon Services Corp South NJ
Verizon Services Corp Tampa DMA Area
Verizon Services Corp Washington, DC DMA Area
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